About Us

Mexons Energy Limited was established in 2014 in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania. Its Headquarters are in plot no 401/403 Block C, Sinza, Dar es salaam-Tanzania. The company operations mainly base in Njombe township of Njombe District Council and Wanging’ombe at Makambako, Njombe region, the company has a sub-office in Dar es Salaam city. The company is mainly focused on local fuel business, gas stations and supply of LPG & lubricants principally involved in providing goods and services in Tanzania.`


Our Services


What Keeps Us Moving


Ensuring provision of quality products and services at a competitive prices to ensure sustainability.

Reliable employment

Increasing employment opportunities and safe working environment for the employees.

Community Outreach.

Continue to be part of the community by increasing the society outreach through sponsoring and giving back to the society who are key to our success.


Increasing stakeholders value by ensuring increased profits as well as overall value of the company


Continue to improve safety measures to ensure wellbeing of both customers as well as employees.


Market Summary

The increased consumption of petroleum products as a result of an upsurge in the number of motor vehicles using petrol and diesel engines especially in African countries necessitates energy companies to be more effective and efficient to meet the market demands.

Market trends and consumption will continue rising based on projections, which provides an opportunity for greater business reach in the region.

We offer high quality products at competitive prices, which gives us a market advantage.